It is crucial you know the different types of boilers and where they can be used, especially when choosing a new boiler for your home. There are 3 main boiler types; each with a unique feature and application.

Combination Boilers

Combi boilers as they are often called, are attached to the mains supply. This is why you can get hot water when you turn the tap on. For combination boilers, there is no need for hot water cylinder or storage tanks.

This makes Combi boilers more suitable for smaller houses and flats.
Take a look at its benefits:
  • Combi boilers are energy-efficient because water is heated on demand and not constantly
  • They deliver hot water at mains pressure; great for people who love a powerful shower. A downside to this is that pressure may drop when more taps are running at once.

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers are designed to have a separate hot water cylinder and two storage tanks; one to supply the hot water system and the other one for the central heating.

They are sometimes known as traditional, Heat Only, or regular boilers. They work well in older properties with more traditional radiator systems that might not cope well with high pressure.

Regular boilers are best suited where plenty of hot water will be used simultaneously, especially in homes with two or more bathrooms. Since it has a storage tank, it takes a while for the tank to refill and for hot water to flow once the supply runs out.

System Boilers

System boilers have a simpler and more direct installation technique because the main heating components are fixed into the boiler itself. Although it also requires an unvented hot water storage cylinder, it doesn't require storage tanks.

Some benefits of system boilers include:
  • System boilers are economical to run
  • They can provide constant hot water supply to all the taps in your home simultaneously
  • These boilers are ideal for busy households

These three main types of boilers are also condensing boilers. This implies that the boiler has about 90% efficiency via heat recovery from flue gases. Sometimes, your boiler may stop working due to some faults but not to worry as you can call us for emergency boiler repair Uxbridge.

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  • ATAG
  • Ideal Logic

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